Table 1

Summary of immunohistochemical analysis of human gastric carcinomas for the LN γ2 chain

The gastric adenocarcinoma tissues from 48 patients were histologically classified into three groups and four subgroups: well- (Well) and moderately (Moderately) differentiated tumors, solid (Solid) and nonsolid (Nonsolid) types of poorly differentiated tumors, and others (Others). “Others” consisted of two signet ring carcinomas, two papillary adenocarcinomas, and one mucinous adenocarcinoma. Positive staining for the LN γ2 chain was divided into extracellular staining and cytoplasmic staining, and the former was subdivided into the staining of tumor basement membranes (BM) and diffuse staining (Diffuse) around tumor cells. Tumor specimens showing focal staining for the LN γ2 chain were included in positive cases. Experimental conditions are described in the text.
HistologyTotal no. of casesPositive cases
Extracellular stainingCytoplasmic staining
Differentiated tumors
Poorly differentiated tumors