Table 5

Cancers positive for p53 mutations by germline mutation status, histologic grade, heterozygosity at the p53 locus, and p53 immunophenotype

CaseGermline mutation statusHistologic gradeMutated exonCodonMutation typeAmino acid changeLOHImmunophenotype
1 BRCA1 35130Insertion 6 bpIns. pro;alaLOHPositive
2 BRCA1 310332Deletion CStop 345No LOHPositive
3 BRCA1 37245Missense G>Agly>serLOHPositive
4 BRCA2 35152Missense G>Apro>proaHomozygousPositive
5Control37245Missense G>Agly>aspNo LOHPositive
6Control37254Missense T>Cile>thrNo LOHPositive
7Control29325Missense G>Agly>gluNDbNegative
  • a Silent mutation.

  • b ND, not done.