Table 2

Effects of removal of the interfollicular epidermis by abrasion on cutaneous malignancies in CD-1 and SENCAR female mice

ExperimentaFirst carcinoma weekbPercentage of mice with carcinomac
Week 35Week 45Week 52
Not abraded2410/28 (35.7%)22/27 (81.5%)25/26 (96.2%)
Abraded256/26 (23.1%)18/22 (81.8%)20/22 (90.9%)
Not abraded2411/22 (50.0%)18/22 (81.8%)18/22 (81.8%)
Abraded2412/26 (46.2%)20/24 (83.3%)21/24 (87.5%)
  • a Forty mice in each group were either clipped and depilated or abraded as outlined in Table 1<$REFLINK> .

  • b Suspected carcinomas were identified by their broad base, elevated margin, and intracutaneous infiltration. They were verified at autopsy and were confirmed histopathologically. The fraction is the cumulative number of mice with carcinoma/number of mice at risk. The value in parentheses is the fraction expressed as a percentage. During the experiments, mice were euthanized if they became ill or developed any lesion >1 cm2.

  • c Statistical analysis was performed by a Lifetable Analysis. There was no statistical support for differences between experimental groups at any observation time.