Table 3

Identification of genes preferentially expressed in CSOC cells

Genes preferentially expressed in CSOC cells with the GenBank matches are listed. Bold lettering indicates genes encoding proteins that are expressed on the cell membrane or that are secreted. Clones that failed to match any entry in the GenBank database (as of November 15, 1999) in the BLASTN searches are considered novel.

NameAccession no.NameAccession no.
Collagen α 1 type XVL25286Collagen α 2 type IZ74616
Collagen α 3 type VIX52022Osteoblast specific factor-2D13665
E1–E2 ATPaseAF011337EST-Annexin IVW12985
MEGF5AB011538EST-annexin VIAA594856
p37NBU32907EST-collagen c-prot enhancerT49144
1 novel