Table 2

Sequence analysis of p53 in neuroblastoma cell lines

Cell linesExonCodonNucleotide changeAmino acid changeInduction of p21 and/or MDM2aMDM2
Representative drug-sensitive cell lines
Drug-resistant cell lines
 SK-N-BE(2)5135TGC → TTCeCys → Phe↑↑nt
 CHLA-119g10342CGA → CTAeArg → Leunt
 CHLA-908286GAA → AAAeGlu → Lys↑↑nt
 CHLA-1726216GTG → TTGeVal → Leunt
  • a Induction of p21 and/or MDM2 were used as indices of p53 function: +, induction of p21 and/or MDM2 by L-PAM challenge, −, failure to induce p21 or MDM2 by L-PAM challenge.

  • b Basal MDM2 protein expression by immunoblotting: +, protein is expressed; ↑, 1.1 to 1.4 times higher than median basal expression of MDM2; ↑↑, 1.7 to 2 times higher than median basal expression of MDM2.

  • c Genomic amplification of MDM2: +, amplified MDM2; −, nonamplified MDM2; nt, not tested.

  • d Studied using the GeneChip p53 Assay.

  • e Identical results were obtained by GeneChip p53 Assay and automated sequencing.

  • f Studied using the automated sequencing.

  • g In addition to the above mutation in CHLA-119, a polymorphism at codon 213 (a silent alteration of CGA to CGG) was also detected.