Table 1

Semiquantitative evaluation of MMP-13 mRNA signal in human breast carcinomas

The MMP-13 mRNA signal was evaluated in sections from invasive ductal and lobular carcinomas and from DCIS with or without the presence of microinvasive carcinoma. The scores are based on the following criteria: 0, no positive signal; 1, a single positive focus; 2, two or more individual positive foci; 3, many positive cells throughout the entire tumor area. The assessment of microinvasion in the DCIS lesions was based on immunohistochemical staining of three adjacent sections with antibodies against pan cytokeratin, CK-14, and α-sm-actin, respectively.
Number of cases in categories of scores (0–3) for the MMP-13 mRNA signal
Tumor categoryTotal number of patients0123
Ductal carcinoma2105106
Lobular carcinoma95130
DCIS grade I54100
DCIS grade II/III without microinvasion42200
DCIS grade II/III with microinvasion81070