Table 1

Dose-response effect of DHEA and DFMO on average mammary tumor weights in C3(1)/Tag transgenic mice

At the highest dose, DHEA reduced the average tumor weight by 70%, whereas DFMO reduced the average tumor weight by 65%. At similar doses, no changes in body weight were observed for wild-type FVB/N mice. N, number of animals, SD, standard deviation.
TreatmentAverage tumor weight/animal (g)NSDP
Experiment A
 Basal diet3.271213.28
  4000 mg/kg/day2.560244.100.5282
  8000 mg/kg/day0.987221.150.0037a
Experiment B
 Basal diet2.788193.06
  2000 mg/kg/day1.492243.280.1919
  4000 mg/kg/day0.981240.960.009a
  • a Significant difference.