Table 3

Chromosome 2 target values compared with lost, neutral, and gained chromosomes

On average, chromosome 2 values were significantly higher than for the lost chromosomes 17 and 22, no different from the neutral chromosome 4 and chromosomal arm 7q, and lower than gained chromosomal arms (e.g., 11q and 20q).a However, chromosome 2 values were, on average, no different from chromosomes 5 and 14, which were gained in copy number. Not shown is that chromosome 5 values were, on average, higher than chromosome 22, which was lost (P = .035).
Loss on CGHNeutral on CGHGain on CGH
Chromosome 22Chromosome arm 7qChromosome 11q
P < 0.01P = 0.57P = 0.02
Chromosome 17Chromosome 4Chromosome arm 20q
P < 0.001P = 0.40P < 0.001
  • a Two-tailed U test,