Table 1

The results of MSP

Pancreatic cancer cell lines119%a100%27%27%73%45%91%
Pancreatic cancer xenografts170%94%18%6%59%18%24%
Primary pancreatic adenocarcinomas472%91%2%15%38%13%36%
All pancreatic adenocarcinomas753%93%9%15%48%19%41%
Chronic pancreatitis520%40%0%20%0%0%0%
Normal gastric mucosae6NDbND50%17%0%0%ND
Normal duodenal mucosae8ND100%d50%75%0%0%ND
Normal colonic mucosae6ND100%e33%100%0%0%ND
Normal lymphocytes40%0%0%0%0%0%ND
Normal pancreata150%0%0%0%0%0%0%
  • a The percentage of methylation in each box indicates the percentage of specimens that harbor methylation by MSP at that locus.

  • b ND, not determined.

  • c Number examined.

  • d 4 samples examined.

  • e 3 samples examined.