Table 6

Regression coefficients for the Cox proportional hazards model for cancer-related deaths

Tumor variableaCoefficient βbSEcχ2dR valueePfRRg95% CIg
Nodal status0.720.2111.40.0980.00072.11.4–3.1
Tumor size T41.390.4211.10.0970.00094.01.8–9.1
  • a Tumor variable that showed a statistically significant association with patient survival times in the univariate analysis. There were 202 patient cases available with full data sets. Only comparison between patients with involved lymph nodes, all tumor sizes (T1-T4), all histological grades (I–III), staining for OPN, c-erbB-2, ERα and p53 were made.

  • b Value of β parameter in the Cox’s multiple regression analysis (“Materials and Methods”).

  • c SE of β.

  • d Cox’s statistic χ2.

  • e Regression coefficient for the variable.

  • f Probability from Cox’s statistic χ2, 1 d.f. in each case. Overall χ2 = 84.1, 5 d.f., P<0.0001; residual χ2 = 2.52, 5 d.f., P = 0.77.

  • g RR for survival and 95% CI from multivariate analysis.