Table 3

Summary of association of different staining classes with patient survival times

ClassaPatient numberbMedian survivalc (months)Cumulative survivalc (%)χ2dPdRRe95% CIe
  • a Immunocytochemical staining class for OPN defined in Table 1 <$REFLINK> .

  • b Total number assessed for the group.

  • c Median survival in months and cumulative proportion of patients surviving evaluated using life tables constructed from survival data (“Materials and Methods”).

  • d χ2 and probability (P) were determined by the generalised Wilcoxon (Gehan) test using 1 d.f. (“Materials and Methods”).

  • e RR and 95% CI were determined using a Cox’s univariate analysis with 1 d.f. (“Materials and Methods”).

  • f n.d., not determinable since no events in the negative (−) group of patients.