Table 5

Summary of the survival of OPN-positive patients divided into groups by the other tumor variables

Tumor variable (TV)Median survivala (months)Cumulative survivala (%)χ2bPbRRc95% CIc
Tumor size T4d74.331.026.610.07.10.0082.431.36–4.33
Histol. grade IIIe78.954.728.–1.95
Nodal statusf108.849.733.016.314.30.00021.991.35–2.93
Cathepsin Dg72.663.426.–1.37
  • a Median survival in months and cumulative survival (%) of patients with OPN-positive tumors and either not expressing (TV−) or expressing (TV+) one of the other tumor variables.

  • b Wilcoxon statistic (χ2) and probability for 1 d.f. (P) for the significance of the difference of the other tumor variable for the OPN-positive patients.

  • c RR for survival and 95% CI were determined using a Cox univariate analysis for 1 d.f.

  • d Tumor size, not fixed (T1, T2, T3) vs. fixed tumors (T4).

  • e Histological grade (Histol. grade) of tumor, low (I, II) vs. high (III) grade.

  • f Nodal status, no nodes vs. 1 or more nodes involved with tumor.

  • g Negative vs. positive staining.