Table 4

Forward stepwise multiple logistic regression analysis of pre- and postoperative prognostic parameters and HA, HYAL1, and combined HA-HYAL1 staining inferences

The significant parameters (P < 0.05) selected by the model are shown. A, in the analysis, HA and HYAL1 staining inferences were included separately, along with other pre- (i.e., age, PSA, and clinical stage) and post- [i.e., Gleason sum (or stratified Gleason as ≥7 and <7), EPE, margin +/−, and seminal vesicle invasion] surgery parameters. B, combined HA-HYAL1 staining inference was included in the analysis, together with the above-mentioned pre- and postoperative parameters.

χ2P valueOR95% CIaχ2P valueOR95% CI
  • a CI, confidence interval; NA, not applicable.

  • b Statistically significant.