Table 4

Differential expression by real-time PCR of genes identified by cDNA arrays in MDA-MB-435 and MCF-7 cellsa

GeneMDA-MB-435 cell lineMCF-7 cell line
Cyclin D1 11/1311/6
Cyclin E 1×1.311/1.9
p21 Waf1/CIP1 1×41×21
p27 KIP1 1×111/1.8
Bcl-2 11/1.311/20
  • a Cells were exposed to 2 μm CDDO or vehicle for 16 h. mRNA expression was quantified as described in “Materials and Methods.” The mRNA expression of each gene in the presence of DMSO was considered the reference value and is denoted by “1” in the table. The mRNA expression in the presence of CDDO is that in comparison with this reference value. Cyclin D1 mRNA was down-regulated, and p21Waf1/CIP1 was up-regulated in both cell lines; Bcl-2 was down-regulated only in MCF-7 cells.