Table 5

Differential expression of cyclin D1, cyclin E, p21Waf1/CIP1, p27KIP1, Bcl-2, and PPARγ mRNA shown by real-time PCR in MCF-7, MDA-MB-435, and MDA-MB- 231 cells at 24, 48, and 72 h in the presence of 1 μm CDDO or vehiclea

Cell lineCyclin D1Cyclin Ep21Waf1p27KIP1Bcl-2PPARγ
 24 h/2.5×17/2.8×2.26
 48 h/5×40/3.35×7
 72 h×43×3.4×7.43
 24 h×33×2.9
 48 h/17×2.64×51×28
 72 h×2.18×62/2.68×36
 24 h×21/2.56
 48 h×2.43×34
 72 h/7.9×4.40×49×2.74
  • a Cells were exposed to 1 μm CDDO or vehicle for 24, 48, and 72 h. mRNA expression was quantified as described in “Materials and Methods.” The expression of the mRNA of each gene of interest in the presence of CDDO was compared with that in the presence of DMSO. The table shows those differential mRNA expressions that exceeded 2-fold. Cyclin D1 mRNA was down-regulated, and p21Waf1/CIP1 was up-regulated in all three cell lines.