Table 2

Association of satellite DNA hypomethylation with clinicopathological features of ovarian cancer

VariableSatellite DNA hypomethylation score
Chr1 Sat2aChr1 SatαaAll centromeresa
≤2 (n = 80)>2 (n = 35)P≤2 (n = 74)>2 (n = 37)P≤2 (n = 95)>2 (n = 17)P
 ≤60 yr40123318465
 >60 yr40230.1641190.6949120.19
 FIGOc I/II316332342
 FIGO III/IV48290.0294134<0.00160150.053
 MG I10090100
 MG II48214621589
 MG III22140.03819160.0122780.063
Remaining tumorb
  • a Data for carcinomas are shown; 0, 4 and 3 measures, respectively, are missing. Samples with satellite hypomethylation scores of ≤2 had no, slight, or only moderate hypomethylation. Samples with satellite hypomethylation scores of >2 had much hypomethylation.

  • b Information about stage and remaining tumor is missing in 1 and 5 cases, respectively.

  • c FIGO, Fédération Internationale des Gynaecologistes et Obstetristes; LMP, low malignant potential.