Table 1

UV sources and doses delivered to initiate melanoma in HGF/SF-transgenic mice

SourceTotal radiation UV-vis (250–800 nm) kJ/m2Total UV A, B, & C (250–400 nm) kJ/m2Total UVA (320–400 nm) kJ/m2Total UVB (280–320) nm kJ/m2Peak UVB Wavelength (nm)SED Number of treatments to deliver total dose
UVB filter with xenon arc14.014.00.513.5306233
Unfiltered F40 sunlamp
 Single dose14.
 Fractionated dose14.
Solar simulator:322.141.936.05.9320231
Mylar filtered F40 sunlamp14.
UVA filter with xenon Arc150.0150.0150.01.5e−51.13
  • NOTE. For spectral output of sources, see Figure 1 <$REFLINK> . Neonatal HGF/SF-transgenic mice and an equivalent number of wild-type littermates were irradiated at 3 to 5 days of age.

  • Standard erythemal doses calculated as described in the text.