Table 3

Summary of functional gene grouping evaluated by cDNA microarray analysis

TNF ligand familyTnf(TNF-a), Lta(TNF-b), Ltb(LT-b), Tnfsf4(OX40ligand), Tnfsf5(CD40ligand), Tnfsf6(Fas L), Tnfsf7(CD27ligand), Tnfsf8(CD30ligand), Tnfsf9(4-1BBligand), Tnfsf10(TRAIL), Tnfsf11, Tnfsf12(Apo3L), Tnfsf14(HVEM-L)
TNF receptor familyLtbr(LT-bR), Tnfrsf1a(TNFR1), Tnfrsf1b(TNFR2), Tnfrsf4(OX40), Tnfrsf5(CD40), Tnfrsf6(Fas), Tnfrsf7(CD27), Tnfrsf8(CD30), Tnfrsf9(4-1BB), Tnfrsf10b(TRAILR), Tnfrsf11a, Tnfrsf11b(osteoprotegerin), Tnfrsf12(DR3), April, Dr6
Bcl-2 familyaBcl2, Bcl2l(bcl-x), Bcl2a1d(bfl-1), Bcl2l2(bcl-w), Bcl2l10, Bax, Bak, Bokl, Bad, Bid, Bid3, Biklk(bik), Bim, Blk, Bnip3(Nip3), Mcl1
Caspase family Casp1, Casp2, Casp3, Casp6, Casp7, Casp8, Casp9, Casp11, Casp12, Casp14
IAP familyaBirc1a(NAIP1), Birc1b(NAIP2), Birc1e(NIAP5), Birc2(IAP1), Birc3(IAP2), Birc4(XIAP), Birc5(survivin), Birc6(bruce)
TRAF familyTraf1, Traf2, Traf3(CRAF1), Traf4, Traf5, Traf6, Tank(I-TRAF), Traip
CARD familyaApaf1, Asc, Arc, BCL10(HuE10), Nop30-like
Death domain family Fadd, Myd88, Ripk1, Cradd, Dapk2
Death effector domain familyCash(Casper), Fadd, Bar-like protein, Casp8ap2(Flash)
CIDE domain family Dffa, Dffb, Cidea, Cideb
p53 and ATM pathwayTrp53(p53), Cdkn1a(p21Waf1), Mdm2, Gadd45a, Atm, Rpa-like protein, chek1, Rad53, Hus1
  • a Multivariate analysis of various provided evidence of differential expression of genes in this functional grouping, P < 0.05.