Table 1.

Side population and ABCG2 in human tumor cells

CellsCharacteristicsSide population *ABCG2
Prostate tumor cells
LNCaPAR+, low tumorigenicity; low metastaticUD1.9
LAPC9AR+, intermediate tumorigenicity; metastatic0.071.2
Du145AR, intermediate tumorigenicity; metastaticUD0.8
PC3AR, high tumorigenicity; highly metastaticUD2.0
PPC-1AR, high tumorigenicity; highly metastaticUD0.2
Breast tumor cells
MCF7ER+, low tumorigenicity0.20.6
T47DER+, low tumorigenicityND1.3
MDA-MB468ER, intermediate tumorigenicityND0.1
MDA-MB231ER, tumorigenic and metastaticUD0.6
MDA-MB435ER, tumorigenic and metastaticUD0.7
Colon tumor cells
COLO 320tumorigenicND1.3
DLD-1tumorigenic and invasiveND0.2
RKOhighly tumorigenic; metastaticND3.7
HCT116highly tumorigenic; metastaticND3.1
Glioma cells
D54highly tumorigenic and invasive0.10.7
U87highly tumorigenic and invasive0.052.0
U251highly tumorigenic and invasive0.041.9
U373highly tumorigenic and invasive0.12.5
HeLacervical carcinomaUD0.5
SKOV3ovarian adenocarcinoma; metastatic0.050.7
  • Abbreviations: UD, undetectable; ND, not determined.

  • * The numbers indicate the % and represent the mean values of three to seven independent experiments.

  • The numbers represent the mean % derived from two to five independent immunostaining and/or flow cytometry analyses.