Table 1.

Effect of osteonectin on MDA-231 activities

AssayEffect of osteonectin
Colony size on MatrigelInhibition
Apoptosis (TUNEL staining)None
Migration (scratch and time-lapse)None
Invasion (Boyden chamber through Matrigel)Inhibition
Protease Activity (DQ-Collagen IV)None
Tumor cell-platelet aggregation *Inhibition
Reduction of platelet number (platelet count in vivo)Inhibition
Metastases, in vivo (intracardiac)Inhibition
  • NOTE: These assays, measured as indicated in parentheses, were done in vitro unless otherwise noted. An effect of osteonectin expression is noted only if it was significantly different from the control-infected cells.

  • * Osteonectin was added exogenously. In all other experiments, results are given for endogenous expression of osteonectin at the highest level secreted (11.5 μg/106 cells/24 h).