Table 2.

Response of p53 M135 SH-EP transfectants to cytotoxic drugs in clonogenic assays

DrugCell lineID50 *Fold resistance P
DoxorubicinSHEP/CMV4.420 ± 0.092
SHEP/M1356.202 ± 0.1811.40<0.001
VincristineSHEP/CMV0.608 ± 0.011
SHEP/M1350.899 ± 0.0311.48<0.001
VM26SHEP/CMV20.328 ± 1.298
SHEP/M13529.438 ± 0.8041.45<0.001
CisplatinSHEP/CMV0.315 ± 0.024 μmol/L
SHEP/M1350.801 ± 0.060 μmol/L2.54<0.001
  • * Calculated from at least three replicate assays.

  • Fold resistance was determined by dividing the ID50 of the p53 M135–transfected SH-EP cells by that of the control SH-EP/CMV cells.

  • For a given drug, P values were determined by comparing the ID50 value for the p53 M135–transfected SH-EP cells with the ID50 value of the control SH-EP/CMV cells assayed in the same series of experiments.