Table 2.

Cooperative suppression of cell proliferation by combined MEK and mTOR inhibition in NSCLC

TreatmentDoubling time (h)
Colo205 (B-RAFV600E)H1666 (B-RAFG466V)A549 (K-RASG12S)H1703 *H157 * (K-RASG12R and PTENG251C)
  • NOTE: Cells were seeded into 24-well plates and treated with CI-1040 and AP23573 alone, and in combination, at doses that resulted in synergism (see Fig. 2). After approximately three cell doublings, the number of adherent viable cells was determined using a coulter counter. The doubling time (h) was calculated according to the formula, t*ln(2)/ln(A/Ao), where A is the cell number at time t; Ao is the initial cell number. RAS, RAF, and PTEN genotypes are indicated.

  • * CA-AKT.