Table 1.

Characteristics of treated patients

Patients *Age (y)Percent of Her2-positive cells (%)CD16+CD56+ cells FCGR3 (158 V/F)Disease level (2D mm/N) Clinical response
1699040.5FV21 × 15/N0pCR
2588022.0FV20 × 14/N0PR
3496019.9FV23 × 12/N1SD
4476011.0FF20 × 14/N1SD
5518023.5FV65 × 55/N1SD
6538015.2FV30 × 25/N1PR
726909.9VV40 × 19/N1SD
855803.2VV37 × 18/N1SD
964707.5FF28 × 16/N0SD
10446017.0FV20 × 15/N1PR
11507018.8FF30 × 20/N0NA
1255907.2FV60 × 60/N1SD
1355909.1FF42 × 12/N1PR
1455806.4FV30 × 24/N1SD
15466014.6FF35 × 30/N1SD
1641807.4FV20 × 18/N1SD
1754806.7VV22 × 14/N0SD
1839904.5FV22 × 22/N1SD
  • Abbreviations: pCR, pathologic complete response; PR, partial response; SD, stable disease; NA, not available.

  • * Patients were numbered according to recruitment progression.

  • Percentages refer to PBMC tested for ADCC assay.

  • Disease level refers to primary tumor mass (expressed in mm as evaluated in bidimensional radiologic/ultrasound examination) and to lymph node involvement (N).