Table 1.

The percentage of DH5-stained tissues/tumor tissues

Groups (intensity of d-GM3 staining)0 (0%)1 (<25%)2 (25-50%)3 (50-75%)4 (>75%)
Metastatic melanomas (54 cases)4/5421/5429/54
Primary melanomas (38 cases)
    VGP (10 cases)2/106/102/10
    HGP and non-VGP (28 cases)27/281/28
Normal nevi (8 cases)8/8

NOTE: The percentage of pixels representing the positive DH5 immunofluorescence–stained tumors versus the pixels representing the pigmented or nonpigmented tumor tissues from either nonstained same sections or H&E-stained serial sections was graded as 0 to 4+.

Abbreviations: VGP, vertical growth phase; HGP, horizontal growth phase.