Table 1.

TFs with significant activity in the three patterns

Decreasing with IMTransient Rise with IMRising with IM
Elk-1 Elk-1-isoform1 SRF PEA3 RPB-Jκ SRF-L c-Myc Egr-1 NF-E2p45 Clock-BMAL1 Smad3 c-Fos:c-Jun E2F:DP p53-isoform1 HSF-1 Nrf-2 c-Jun HIF-1 ATF-2p53 p53-isoform1 PEA3 Erm c-Fos:c-Jun δCREB ATF3 FOSB NF-YA NF-Y E2F:DP NF-YB Smad3 Sp3 GKLF GLI HES-1 Egr-2Elk-1 RPB-Jκ SRF-L HIF-1α STAT1α NERF-1a ATF-2 RelA:p65 Egr-2 NFκB SRF ELF-1

NOTE: Complete details for all 230 transcriptional regulators are presented in Supplementary File 5.