Table 1.

Birth frequencies from breeding pairs with combined heterozygosity for Fancd2 and Mlh1

Strain backgroundFancd2 Mlh1 C57BL/6jFancc Mlh1 C57BL/6jFancd2 Mlh1 129S4 C57BL/6jFancd2 Mlh1 Trp53−/− 129S4 C57BL6jExpected birth frequencies
No. of mice300194240160

NOTE: χ2 test on observed birth frequency of double-mutant mice versus expected birth frequency of double-mutant mice: A, P < 0.0001; B, P < 0.0003; C, P = 0.0055; D, P = 0.0081.

  • *Included in this analysis is one perinatal lethal 129S4 + C57BL/6j Trp53 triple-mutant newborn.