Table 3.

HCA-SNP interaction P values by HCA for all interactions at P ≤ 0.15, and risk of prostate cancer

Gene/gene regiondbSNP identifierLocationAmino acid changeMain effect P value(1 df)Pinteraction*
    GSTP1rs947894 (rs1695)Ex5-24I105V0.780.03
    GSTM3 (downstream) rs2274536IVS15+400.310.11
    GSTM3 (downstream) rs1887546IVS13+960.350.13
    GSTM3 (downstream) rs11102001Ex12-53P356S0.690.04
    UGT1A locusrs4148325/rs6742078 IVS1-23710.210.05
    UGT1A locusrs6717546*9130.130.12
    UGT1A locusrs2018985IVS1-268200.380.14
    GSTP1rs947894 (rs1695)Ex5-24I105V0.780.03
    GSTM3 (downstream) rs11102001Ex12-53P356S0.690.001 §
    GSTM3 (downstream) rs11102001Ex12-53P356S0.690.001 §
    GSTM3 (downstream) rs2274536IVS15+400.310.08
    UGT1A locusrs10176426IVS1+527070.530.01
    UGT1A locus (downstream)rs4663335IVS3+5920.920.05
  • * P value is for a test for interaction using the likelihood ratio test comparing models with and without the cross-product of SNP for the given gene and categories of HCA intake.

  • SNP located within 10 kb downstream of EPS8L3.

  • r2 = 1.

  • § Significant at the FDR = 0.20 level.