Table 3.

Clinical and immunologic characteristics of vaccinated patients

UPN no.Age/sexNHL type, stagePrevious treatment (response/duration)Clinical response (length in mo)Immunologic responsesImmunogenic signals in dying tumor cells
Post/prevaccine activated NK cell frequency*Post/prevaccine antitumor T cellsPost/prevaccine Treg frequency% CRT+CRT MFI% HSP90+HSP90 MFI
1265/MLP, Stage IA6 CVP (CR/36 mo)CR (67)1.08n.a.0.8270.8766.1069.7441.30
1372/FFL grade I, Stage IIA6 CVP (PR/16 mo); 4 Rituximab (CR/24 mo)CR (64)1.37n.a.0.8574.84109.0071.3972.15
1452/FFL grade IIIa, Stage IVA6 R-MegaCEOP (PR/10 mo); HDS (CR/6 mo)CR (63)2.6415§0.1652.9114.8070.5029.00
149/FLP, Stage IVA6 CVP (CR/48 mo); 8 Rituximab (PR/72 mo)PR (47)0.993.020.7043.447.9862.1643.60
552/MFL grade I, Stage IVA6 CVP (CR/24 mo); 4 Rituximab (PR/15 mo)PR (12)1.114.840.7444.837.8066.3132.25
645/MFL grade II, Stage IVA6 R-CEOP (CR/12 mo); 4 Rituximab (PR/8 mo); HDS (CR/12 mo)PR (7)1.144.751.1673.5378.2059.4045.60
451/MFL grade II, Stage IA4 Rituximab (CR/24 mo); RT 30 Gy (CR/24 mo)SD (78)n.a.1.21n.a.58.0322.5021.826.81
963/MLP, Stage IVA8 Rituximab (PR/16 mo); 4 CVP (PR/18 mo); 4 R-CHOP (SD/32 mo)SD (69)0.621.011.1849.155.2651.5022.80
1054/MFL grade I, Stage IVA8 R-CVP (CR/36 mo)SD (68)
1172/MFL grade II, Stage IVB18 mo Leukeran (CR/84 mo)SD (10)0.570.891.4332.216.5059.4425.10
1862/FFL grade I, Stage IIIA6 R-CVP (CR/36 mo); 4 Rituximab (CR/26 mo)SD (52)1.000.981.5651.7618.4039.4625.10
750/MFL grade I, Stage IVA6 CHOP (PR/12 mo); 4 Rituximab (PR/6 mo)PD0.861.051.5741.929.0740.8212.40
856/MFL grade II, Stage IA3 CHOP-bleo/3 CVP (RC/16 mo) HDS (CR/24 mo); 8 Rituximab (CR/6 mo)PD0.760.850.9041.708.6123.147.38
1572/MLP, Stage IA3 CHOP (PR/8 mo); Splenectomy + RT (PR/12 mo); 12 mo Leukeran (PR/7 mo); HDS (CR/12 mo); 4 Rituximab (PD/n.a.)PD0.840.911.3341.678.1554.3025.10

Abbreviations: UPN, unique progressive number; LP, lymphoplasmocitoid lymphoma; CR, complete remission (44); PR, partial response (44); SD, stable disease (44); PD, progressive disease (44); CVP, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and prednisone; R-CVP, Rituximab plus CVP; CHOP, cyclophosphamide, adryamicin, vincristine, and prednisone; R-CHOP, Rituximab plus CHOP; RT, radiotherapy; CEOP, cyclophosphamide, epiadryamicin, vincristine, and prednisone; R-CEOP, Rituximab plus CEOP; HDS, high dose sequential chemotherapy; autoBMT, autologous bone marrow transplantation; alloBMT, allogeneic bone marrow transplantation; LN, lymph nodes; BM, bone marrow; tx, therapy; n.a., not assessable.

  • *Post/prevaccination ratio of activated NK cell frequency measured by fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) analysis of CD16 expression in CD3CD56dim-gated cells (6).

  • Post/prevaccination ratio of antitumor T-cell frequency at tumor site measured by IFN-γ ELISPOT assay (6).

  • Post/prevaccination ratio of Treg frequency measured by FACS analysis of CD25+FOXP3+ in CD3+CD4+-gated T cells (6).

  • §Post/prevaccination ratio of idiotype-specific T-cell frequency in PB measured by IFN-γ ELISPOT assay (6).