Table 1.

Isolation of CD8+ T-cell clones recognizing 20 unique MiHAs

PatientClone typeT-cell clone characteristics*
HLA restrictionNo. of clonesTCRBV diversityMiHA frequency (%)
HH 1A*022250
H 2A*021141
H 3A*021123
H 4A*0214350
H 5A*021197
H 6A*021152
H 7A*02110
H 8B*0711167
H 9B*074237
H 10B*071160
H 11B*072253
H 12B*071139
H 13B*071113
H 14B*071110
H 15B*07110
ZZ 1B*071147
Z 2B*071137
Z 3B*074272
Z 4B*071153
Z 5B*072nt34

Abbreviation: nt, not tested.

  • *T-cell clones were isolated from patient H and patient Z after DLI at 5 or 6 weeks, and at 8 weeks, respectively, based on HLA-DR expression.