Table 1.

Breast cancer ORs estimated for individuals within different percentiles of the PRS calculated using the top 10% (50,899) of SNPs associated with PMD

PercentilesUK2 studySIBS study
of the PRSNo. of casesaNo. of controlsaOR (95% CI)PNo. of womenbMean PMDc(SD)
<10%306519Baseline comparison group115−1.78 (11.8)
10%–25%5477791.19 (1.00–1.42)0.055172−1.42 (13.0)
25%–75%1,8302,5951.20 (1.03–1.39)0.022572−0.094 (12.7)
75%–90%5447781.19 (0.99–1.42)0.0621722.01 (13.8)
>90%4015191.31 (1.08–1.59)0.00581140.95 (15.2)
  • aPercentiles taken from the PRS distribution in UK2 controls.

  • bPercentiles taken from the distribution of the PRS in the SIBS study (values were not exactly comparable with those in the UK2 study because of the slightly different set of SNPs for which data were available).

  • cMean PMD, adjusted for age at mammogram and BMI (SD).