Table 1.

Overview of the studies included in this analysis

StudyCaseControlTotal% Female% ColonMedian age, y (range)Genotyping platform
ARCTIC8218831,70450.366.162 (27–77)Affymetrix GWAS platforms
ASTERISK9541,0602,01441.670.867 (40–99)BeadXpress
DACHS1,7311,7423,47340.360.769 (33–98)BeadXpress
DALS Ia6897201,40947.410066 (30–79)Illumina GWAS platforms
DALS IIa7067101,41643.410066 (30–79)BeadXpress
HPFS344635979076.269 (48–82)TaqMan OpenArray
NHS4651,0091,47410079.861 (44–69)TaqMan OpenArray
PLCO5441,9762,52026.794.964 (55–74)Illumina GWAS platforms
PHS288454846076.358 (40–84)TaqMan OpenArray
WHI4745341,0081009768 (50–79)Illumina GWAS platforms
  • aDALS I, initial GWAS of subjects in the DALS study; DALS II, follow-up replication for a subset of SNPs for subjects in the DALS study.