Table 2.

Summary of serum biomarkers analyzed by the antibody microarrays

Antigen (number of clones)Antigen (number of clones)
Angiomotin (2)IL-8 (3)a,b
β-galactosidase (1)IL-9 (3)
Bruton tyrosine kinase BTK (1)IL-10 (3)a
C1 esterase inhibitor (1)IL-11 (3)
C1q (1)aIL-12 (4)b
C1s (1)IL-13 (2)b
C3 (2)bIL-16 (2)
C4 (1)bIL-18 (3)
C5 (2)bIntegrin α-10 (1)
CD40 (4)Integrin α-11 (1)
CD40 ligand (1)Leptin (1)
Cholera toxin subunit B (control) (1)Lewis X (2)
Digoxin (control) (1)Lewis Y (1)
Eotaxin (3)MCP-1 (3)b
Factor B (1)bMCP-3 (1)
GLP-1 (1)MCP-4 (2)
GLP-1-R (1)Mucine-1 (6)
GM-CSF (3)Procathepsin W (1)
IFN-γ (2)Properdin (1)b
IgM (1)PSA (1)
IL-1α (3)bRantes (2)
IL-1β (3)Sialyl Lewis X (1)
IL-1-ra (3)TGF-β1 (3)
IL-2 (3)Tm peptide (1)
IL-3 (3)TNF-α (2)
IL-4 (4)bTNF-β (4)b
IL-5 (3)bTyrosine-protein kinase JAK3 (1)
IL-6 (4)a,bVEGF (4)a
IL-7 (2)
  • aAntibody specificity determined by protein array and MSD.

  • bAntibody specificity previously validated by ELISA, MSD, protein array, blocking/spiking experiments, and/or mass spectrometry.