Table 3

Codon 399 polymorphisms and AFB1-DNA adducts stratified by level of adducts

AFB1–DNAadduct levelCodon 399 genotypeORa95% CI; PORb95% CI; P
Arg/ArgArg/Gln + Gln/Gln
Intermediatec11233.81.4–10.7; 0.0045.21.9–14.3; 0.002
Highc19161.50.6–4.1; 0.381.50.9–2.4; 0.1
Detectable (intermediate + high)30392.41.1–5.4;–6.4; 0.008
  • a Fisher exact OR.

  • b OR adjusted for season, calculated by logistic regression.

  • c Nondetectable, values are below the limit of detect for the assay; Intermediate, measurable values were less than or equal to the median (2.1 μmol/mol DNA); High, values greater than the median level of adducts.

  • d Reference group.