Table 1

Homology between death receptors and MK

The (%) identity/similarity values were obtained from a Clustal protein alignment using the MacVector 6.0.1 program. ORFindicates Open Reading Frame. The following amino acids (aa) were included within the death domain (DD) of each family member: KILLER/DR5 aa 324–390; DR4 aa 356–422; MK aa 287–353; human Fas aa 244–307; human TNFR-1 aa 370–348; mouse Fas aa 236–304; and mouse TNFR-1 aa 381–449. The residues included within the cysteine-rich domain (CRD) of each family member were: MK aa 74–169; KILLER/DR5 aa 81–178; DR4 aa 132–230; TRUNDD aa 83–181; TRID aa 53–149; human Fas aa 71–165; human TNFR-1 aa 84–204; mouse Fas aa 74–161; and mouse TNFR-1 aa 79–211. For full open reading frame (ORF) comparison, all of the members included their full-length protein from the start codon to the stop codon.
Homologue(%) Identity/similarity to MK
Human Fas18/4037/4523/34
Mouse Fas21/5240/4826/39
Human TNFR-133/5726/3419/32
Mouse TNFR-111/2819/3213/28