Table 1

Effect of tumor pretargeting on the lethality of murine biotin-TNF

Dose of biotin-TNF (μg, i.v.)Animal survival after treatment with biotin-TNFa
Without pretargetingWith pretargeting
010/10 (100%)10/10 (100%)
1–225/25 (100%)25/25 (100%)
4–629/30 (96.6%)28/30 (93.3%)
9–129/20 (45%)9/20 (45%)b
18–220/10 (0%)0/10 (0%)
  • a Animals bearing RMA-T tumors implanted 11–12 days before treatment were treated with biotin-19E12, avidin, streptavidin (pretargeting), and murine biotin-TNF according to the 3-day protocol (see “Materials and Methods”). Animal survival was assessed 3 days after treatment.

  • b One animal of this group was cured and survived a second challenge with a tumorigenic dose of RMA-T cells given on day 30 after treatment.