Table 1

Detailed karyotypes and FISH data in the RT cell lines

Cell linesKaryotypes792F9N96A6/77A2Tel 22
DL46, XY, t(1;22)(p36;q11.2)+der(22)+der(1)
TM8746, XY, t(11;22)(p15.1;q11.23)+der(22)+der(11)
LMa46, XX, 3p+, 22q−+der(22)+der(22)
MON46, XX, t(7;22)(q31;q11.2)+der(22)+der(7)
Wa246, XY, t(18;22)(p21;p11.2)+der(22)der(22)+der(22)
G40146, XY++++
LP46, XY++++++
WT46, XX, −15, +der(15) t(1;15)(cen;cen)++++++
MT46, XY++++++
AS46, XX++++++
2004a46, XY++++++
KDa46, XX, 9p+++++++
  • a 22p size polymorphisms allow discrimination of the two chromosomes 22.