Table 1

Patterns of allelic loss on chromosome 4

The chromosomal regions are: R1, regions between D4S171 and D4S408 (4q33–34); R2, region between D4S175, D4S1586, and D4S194 (4q25–26); R3, region between D4S1546 and D4S404 (4p15.1–15.3); R4, region between D4S43 and D4S127 (4p16.3). The data in the table are combined data from tumors and cell lines (n = 49). All values for loss of only one region were significantly different from the values for loss of the same region in combination with other regions (P < 0.05).
R11 (2%)36 (73%)31 (63%)28 (57%)
R21 (2%)29 (59%)23 (47%)
R34 (8%)24 (49%)
R42 (4%)