Table 1

Detection of aberrant methylation of p16, DAP kinase, GSTP1, and MGMT in serum and tumor DNA from lung cancer patientsa

Patient no.Tumor DNA/Serum DNAStage (TNM)HistologyFollow-upbOutcomeb
1U/UM/MU/UU/UIIIA (T2N2M0)SCC15 metbone17.DOD
42M/UU/UU/UU/UIIIA (T1N2M0)SCC22 metlung29+.AWD
52M/UU/UM/MU/UII (T1N1M0)SCC27+27+.NED
63M/MU/UU/UU/UI (T2N0M0)SCC25+25+.NED
64M/UM/MU/UM/UII (T2N1M0)SCC25+25+.NED
76U/UU/UU/UM/MI (T2N0M0)SCC26+26+.NED
78M/MU/UU/UM/MI (T2N0M0)SCC6 metlung24.DOD
83U/UU/UU/UM/MI (T2N0M0)SCC23+23+.NED
94M/MU/UU/UU/UIIIA (T3N0M0)SCC15 metbone19+.AWD
95M/UU/UU/UU/UIIIA (T2N2M0)AC5 metbrain22.DOD
98U/UU/UU/UM/MI (T2N0M0)AC21+21+.NED
112M/UM/MU/UM/UII (T1N1M0)SCC19+19+.NED
36U/UU/UU/UU/UIIIA (T3N0M0)AC12 metbone16.DOD
49U/UU/UU/UU/UIIIA (T3N2M0)SCC11 metbone31+.AWD
66U/UU/UU/UU/UI (T2N0M0)bAC9 metlung18+.DOD
74U/UU/UU/UU/UI (T2N0M0)SCC12 metliver14.DOD
80U/UU/UU/UU/UIV (T1N2M1)AC6 metbone8.DOD
108U/UU/UU/UU/UI (T2N0M0)SCC2 metbone3.DOD
110U/UU/UU/UU/UIIIA (T1N2M0)SCC8 metlung24+.AWD
  • a TNM, tumor-node-metastasis; M, methylated; U, unmethylated; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; AC, adenocarcinoma; bAC, bronchoalveolar adenocarcinoma; LCC, large cell carcinoma; metbone, bone metastasis; metbrain, brain metastasis; metliver, metastasis; metlung, lung metastasis; +, alive; AWD, alive with disease; DOD, died of disease; LTF, lost to follow-up; NED, no evidence of disease.

  • b The follow-up and outcome are indicated in months.