Table 3

A polymorphism in intron 10

The single nucleotide polymorphism seen in intron 10 of the p63 gene is shown. The 41st nucleotide in intron 10 just after exon 10 shows a polymorphism, which can be detected by primer pair exon 10-F and 10-B (see Table 2 <$REFLINK> ). “ A” allele has the sequence ATGAGTGACA, whereas the “G” allele has ATGAGTGACG.
AlleleA + AA + GG + G
Number of cell lines4941
Cell linesTHLE-5B, AsPC-1DLD1, SKOV3Others
MDA-MB-468, SW480HA22T/VGH, HUH4
A2182, NCI-H292, SW620
U118 MG, RKO