Table 1

Summary of kinetic model

The kinetic model summarized by Eqs. C1, C2, C3, and C4, was applied first to the untreated control tumor data, and the growth parameters λ1, λ2, b, d, and k0 (initial value of K) were solved for by performing about 1,000,000 runs of a Monte Carlo algorithm. Using the same growth parameters generated from the Gompertz fit, the data for TNP-470 (30 mg/kg/q.o.d.), endostatin (20 mg/kg/day) and angiostatin (20 mg/kg/day) were used to solve for the respective treatment parameters e and clr. (conc ≡ mg/kg; vol ≡ mm3).
e(day−1conc−1)clr(day−1)e/clr(conc−1)λ1(day−1)λ2(day−1)b(day−1)d(day−1vol−2/3)k0 (initial K)(vol)
  • a Growth parameters generated from the Gompertz fit.