Table 2

Unconditional logistic regression analysis of genotype polymorphisms of estrogen-metabolizing genes and multiple risk factors for breast cancer development

Risk factorMultivariate-aOR95% CI
Estrogen-metabolizing gene
 CYP17 (A2/A2 vs. A1/A1, A1/A2)1.230.67–2.28
CYP1A1 (vt/vt vs. wt/wt, wt/vt)1.790.86–3.78
COMT (L/L vs. H/H, H/L)4.021.12–19.08
Age (yrs)0.970.94–1.00
Family history of breast cancer (yes vs. no)1.390.34–5.61
Age at menarche (≤13 yrs vs. >13 yrs)1.931.05–3.58
Age at FFTP (≥30 yrs or nulliparity vs. <30 yrs)2.391.13–5.24
History of HRT (yes vs. no)4.471.58–14.76