Table 1

STAT3β kills B16 tumor cells but not normal NIH 3T3 fibroblasts

Transfectionefficiency (%)No. of G418r clonesaNo. ofGFP-positive clones
Cell linesVectorSTAT3βVectorSTAT3βVectorSTAT3β
B16 exp. 1b68.781.7210110
B16 exp. 261.458.7312251
B16 exp. 336.641.311223745
B16 exp. 436.847.5560280
NIH 3T330.127.1128132NDcND
  • a G418r, G418-resistant.

  • b exp., experiment.

  • c ND, not determined (no difference in GFP-positive clones was observed between the two groups).