Table 1

SCC HLA class I genotypea

CarcinomaHLA-AHLA-BBw4/Bw6HLA-CResidues 77, 80b
CAL27A*03B*44Bw4Cw*07S, N
FADUA*01B*1516/1517Bw4Cw*07S, N
SCC4A*02B*07Bw6Cw*04N, K
B*44Bw4Cw*0702S, N
SCC9A*01B*35Bw6Cw*04N, K
A*01B*44Bw4Cw*16S, N
SCC25A*02B*08Bw6cCw*07S, N
  • a HLA typing was performed by PCR-sequence specific priming at the Iowa City Veterans Administration Medical Center Histocompatibility Laboratory.

  • b Amino acids at HLA-C residues 77 and 80. These HLA-C sequences correlate with KIR recognition (8 , 9) .

  • c Determined by mAb binding in flow cytometry, as described (48) .