Table 2

HIF-1α protein expression in human tumors and their metastases

Tumor typesNa++++++++++
Malignant primary tumors
 Prostate adenocarcinoma112513
 Colon adenocarcinoma2214611
 Breast adenocarcinoma52375415
 Lung adenocarcinoma22
 Lung small cell carcinoma11
 Renal clear cell carcinoma11
 Pancreas carcinoma5122
 Ovarian carcinoma211
 Gastric carcinoma211
 Brain tumors9423
 Malignant fibrous histiocytoma11
 Hepatocellular carcinoma88
 Thyroid carcinoma22
 Epithelioid sarcoma11
Malignant tumors in total1316220141223
Metastatic tumors
 Lymph node metastases from:
  Prostate adenocarcinoma11
  Breast adenocarcinoma1345022
  Colon adenocarcinoma1011152
 Bone metastases from:
  Prostate adenocarcinoma106211
 Vena caval invasion from:
  Renal clear cell carcinoma11
 Undifferentiated carcinoma11
Metastatic tumors in total36128286
Benign tumors
 Breast fibroadenoma1010
 Uterine leiomyoma22
Benign tumors in total1212
  • a N, number of cases analyzed; −, no staining; +, nuclear staining in less than 1% of cells; ++, in 1–10% of cells; +++, in 10–50%; ++++, greater than 50%.