Table 1

Summary of clinical data and mutations of β-catenin in HBs

CaseAge (mo)/sexChemotherapyHistologyNucleotide changeCodonEffect of mutation
D42219/MNoEpithelialGAC to TAC32Asp 32 Tyr
D31030/MNoMixedGAC to TAC32Asp 32 Tyr
D16219/MYesEpithelial, multifocalGGA to GTA34Gly 34 Val
D30612/MNoEpithelialGGA to GTA34Gly 34 Val
D31610/MNoEpithelialGGA to GTA34Gly 34 Val
M1636/MNoEpithelialTCT to TGT37Ser 37 Cys
D10427/FNoEpithelialACC to GCC41Thr 41 Ala
D2049/MNoMixedACC to GCC41Thr 41 Ala
D56518/FYesMixedACC to GCC41Thr 41 Ala
D4019/FYesMixedACC to GCC41Thr 41 Ala
D3794/FYesMixedACC to GCC41Thr 41 Ala
D339 (cell line HUH6)12/MNoMixedACC to GCC41Thr 41 Ala
D501 (cell line of D204)9/MNoEpithelialACC to GCC41Thr 41 Ala
D6II11/FNoEpithelialΔ24 bp25–32Δ8 aa in exon 3
D169II40/FNoSmall cell, anaplasticΔ42bp45–58Δ14 aa in exon 3
D54929/MYesMixedΔ48 bp20–35Δ16 aa in exon 3, Lys 19 Asp
D17516/MNoEpithelialΔ51 bp22–38Δ17 aa in exon 3
D170M11/MYesEpithelialΔ102 bp28–61Δ34 aa in exon 3
DZ2534/FNoEpithelial, multifocalΔ663 bp 5–80Δ76 aa, exon 3
DZ27 (cell line of DZ25)34/FNoEpithelialΔ663 bp 5–80Δ76 aa, exon 3
D2699/FNoMixedΔ241 bp 5–80Δ76 aa, exon 3
D27212/MNoMixedΔ338 bp35–80Δ46 aa, exon 3
D268/D1587/FNoMixedΔ202 bp 5–80Δ76 aa, exon 3
D19754/MYesEpithelialΔ444 bp 5–80Δ76 aa, exon 3
D2668/FNoMixedΔ297 bp 5–80Δ76 aa, exon 3
D399II10/MNoEpithelialΔ357 bp 5–80Δ76 aa, exon 3
D31215/FNoMixedΔ451 bp, ins 33 bp 5–35Δ31 aa, exon 3
M23 yr/MNoMixed: epithelialΔ638 bp 5–141Δ137 aa, Ala 5 Asp, exon 3, exon 4
M43 yr/MNoMixed: teratomatousΔ638 bp 5–141Δ137 aa, Ala 5 Asp, exon 3, exon 4
M86 yr /MNoHCCΔ507 bp 5–59Δ55 aa, exon 3
D388 (cell line HepG2)15 yr/MNoHCCΔ548 bp25–140Δ116 aa, exon 3, exon 4