Table 5

dThd parameters in patients imaged with [C-11] dThd and [C-11] CO2.

Patient 1, pure necrosisaPatient 2, treated tumorbPatient 3, active tumorcPatient 4, low-grade tumord
Vb (ml/g)0.0530.0430.0410.0380.0350.0540.0380.040
K1t (ml/min/g)0.0080.0590.0160.0470.0060.1060.0350.030
KdThd (ml/min/g)0.0070.0210.0060.0090.00040.050.0110.012
Lesion:Whole-brain ratios
 Relative increase in flux versus transporte0.
  • a Neutron therapy of sinus tumor; pure radiation necrosis.

  • b Contrast enhancing lesion on MRI after therapy of glioblastoma; clinically stable at 3-mon follow-up.

  • c Active gliosarcoma.

  • d Untreated grade II astrocytoma.

  • e Relative increase in flux versus transport = lesion:whole-brain ratio for flux (KdThd) divided by lesion:whole-brain ratio for transport (K1t), i.e., ratio of ratios.