Table 1

Augmentation of TRAIL toxicity by chemotherapy in breast cell linesa

Normal breast cell linesMalignant breast cell linesTotal breast cell lines
TRAILNULL +NULL doxorubicin 5 μm4/46/710/11
TRAILNULL +NULL 5-fluorouracil 30 mm4/44/68/10
TRAILNULL +NULL paclitaxel 5 μm1/40/61/10
TRAILNULL +NULL melphelan 100 μm3/41/64/10
TRAILNULL +NULL methotrexate 500 μm0/30/60/9
  • a Data represent the number of cell lines where there is significant augmentation of TRAIL-mediated toxicity by chemotherapy agents/total number of cell lines analyzed. Results were considered significant if the toxicity of the combination of TRAIL and the chemotherapy agent by fractional inhibition analysis was synergistic compared with TRAIL alone or the chemotherapy agent alone.