Table 3

Blood chemistries of CEA.Tg mice and CEA-negative littermates immunized with rV-CEAa

CEA.Tg miceCEA-negative littermates
MarkerReference (normal) rangeUntreated (n = 3)V-Wyeth (n = 3)rV-CEA (n = 10)UntreatedV-Wyeth (n= 3)rV-CEA (n = 4)
ASTb72 –288 U/literNormalNormalNormalNot testedNormalNormal
ALT24 –140 U/literNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Creatine phosphokinase0 –800 U/literNormalNormal↑ (2/10)NormalNormal
Amylase602 –2311 U/literNormal↑ (3/3)↑ (7/10)↑ (2/3)↑ (4/4)
BUN9 –28 mg/dlNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Creatinine0.2 –0.7 mg/dlNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Bilirubin (total)0.0 –0.9 mg/dlNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Uric acid2.2 –4.6 mg/dlNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Albumin2.6 –4.6 g/dlNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Protein (total)4.0 –6.2 g/dlNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
  • a CEA.Tg mice and CEA-negative littermates were immunized and subsequently challenged with CEA-expressing tumor cells as outlined in Fig. 7. <$REFLINK> Blood chemistries were performed on individual mice at approximately 1 month after tumor challenge.

  • b AST, aspartate aminotransferase; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; ↑, elevation in blood markers; (n, n), number of mice with elevated marker, number of mice tested.