Table 1

Summary of TIMP-3 5′ CpG island hypermethylation in cell lines, primary tumors, and normal tissues

Methylation status of the TIMP-3 promoter region CpG island was analyzed using MSP. Primary lung tumors analyzed were classified as non-small cell lung carcinomas. The number of samples found to have TIMP-3 methylation is shown over the total number of samples tested. The percentage of samples having TIMP-3 methylation is indicated in parentheses.
TissueCell line (%)1° Tumor (%)Normal (%)
Lung6/12 (50)4/21a (19)NDb
Breast4/14 (29)8/29 (27)ND
Colon5/8 (63)6/22 (27)0/10
Kidney4/12 (33)28/36 (78)0/27
 Grade I:2/3 (67)
 Grade II:13/16 (81)
 Grade III:14/17 (82)
BrainND20/77 (26)0/4f
 Grade I/II:5/21 (24)
 Grade III:3/14 (21)
 Grade IV:12/42 (29)
Switzerland18/34 (53)
Seattle2/10 (20)
  • a Non-small cell lung carcinomas.

  • b ND, not determined.