Table 4

Cox proportional hazard model for overall and disease-free survival

Univariate statistics use the score statistics, which are equivalent to the log rank test for categorical variables. Combined statistics (multivariate) use the likelihood ratio statistics. Using the Cox proportional hazard model, CD105 proved to be most dominant factor when compared with other possible prognostic factors. Here in a multivariate analysis significance obtained using CD105 data is independently significant irrespective of whichever variable is added to the model (middle column in both tables).
Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis—significance of:
Significance of variableCD105Variable
Overall survival
 Menopausal status0.5900.00010.523
 Nodal involvement0.2010.00020.0093
 Tumor size0.509<0.00010.431
Disease-free survival
 Menopausal status0.3630.00120.197
 Nodal involvement0.1190.00240.242
 Tumor size0.2720.00080.498